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Gino Legaltech / AFJE Webinar on January 17th

On January 17, between 9 and 10 am, Philippe Ginestié, the President and Founder of Gino LegalTech, will host a webinar organized jointly with the AFJE (French Association of Corporate Lawyers).

Pioneer of contract automation in France, Philippe Ginestié will detail the methods used to design these “robots” essential to the automated production of contracts, intuitively and in no code, represent all possible variants of an act, coordinate the production of groups of contracts as well as the concepts used to enforce the rules of law.

The Gino method of creating clausiers will also be presented, whose – intelligent – clauses can be used both for drafting documents directly in Word and for automating documents.

Samuel Ivanier, Legal Director of Talentia Software will illustrate the practical implementation of this grammar of the lawyer by sharing his experience of automating contracts using the Gino solution.

Conditions of participation and registration 👉 here now
Reserved for AFJE members

👉 See Philippe Ginestié’s presentation

👉 See Samuel Ivanier’s testimony

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