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Gino LegalTech
The intelligent contract management solution

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Gino, the French solution for
contract lifecycle management (CLM)

Gino is a contract intelligence and management solution that enables legal and business professionals to leverage the power of technology in their daily contracting practice, through a suite of intuitive and integrated modules

The Gino CLM solution is built on the following key development pillars


An intuitive interface with an automation module on MS Word, for a quick adoption by all professionals

AI Optimization

Artificial Intelligence is the best of assistants and Gino strives to optimize its growing use: data extraction, clause analysis, risk management


From contract automation by legal professionals themselves through the exploitation of contractual data, Gino offers all the modules of a complete CLM solution


Gino is designed to adapt to the diversity of its clients’ functional needs, contracting practices and industries


Gino can be interfaced with your corporate IT system and all your third-party applications


Change management is an essential key to the success of your project. Our team of legal and customer success managers are guiding you every step of the way

Gino wins the
legaltech of the year award

On March 29, 2022, Gino LegalTech received the LEGALTECH OF THE YEAR award at the 10th edition of the Palmarès du Droit organized by Le Monde du Droit,
in partnership with the Association Française des Juristes d’Entreprise (AFJE)
and the Cercle Montesquieu.

In addition, Gino LegalTech also distinguished itself during this edition by winning the prize for the best legaltech in the category of Automation and Contract Management.


Gino awarded Best Legaltech
in Contract Management

In November 2021, Gino LegalTech was awarded Best Legaltech in Contract Management by the Corporate Law Summit’s jury of legal experts. The Gino CLM solution stood out from its competitors by its outstanding evolution over time, its full coverage of the contractual life cycle and an ongoing innovation process.

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Why should you adopt Gino ?

Ineffective contract management costs companies between 5% to 40% of the value of their transactions*. This is due to the quality of the template (inadequate or obsolete), a non-optimal closing process, and poor execution tracking

By using Gino, you will automate and streamline each of the many steps of your contracting process

TEST 1280 4 Accélérer le time to closing 1
TEST 1280 4 réduire les tâches à faible valeur ajoutée 1
Minimize low
added-value tasks
TEST 1280 4 réduire les tâches à faible valeur ajoutée copie
legal security
TEST 1280 4 Centraliser et exploiter les données juridiques
Centralize and leverage
legal data

*Harvard Business Review, “How AI Is Changing Contracts” by Beverly Rich, February 12, 2018

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