contracts at the speed of business, how ?

Gino LegalTech's mission is to streamline & secure the contract lifecycle of companies & exploit its database to accelerate the business

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digital transformation

enabling change in the contractual world

a successful adoption of a CLM needs :
- a personalized onboarding
- a continuous follow-up
- training & expertise

legal expertise

being the long-term legal expert partner

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bringing agility and scalability to the CLM

the SaaS mode allows our customers to benefit, over the duration of the partnership, from all the functional evolutions of the solution at no additional cost. The progress is limitless!


offer the most sophisticated features

we provide our customers with intuitive and scalable technological tools allowing them to maximize their added value on contractual matters

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putting the power of AI at the service of Contract Management

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our commitment to excellence, a reality that our customers experience every day.

Gino and his team of experts supported us at each stage of our contractual digitalization project. The adoption of the solution by our legal teams convinced us to widely deploy the solution among our sales and operational staff.
Christophe Sassus-Lacaze
Christophe Sassus-Lacaze
Legal Manager, Imerys
Gino homogenizes and facilitates the writing of contractual documents by allowing to focus on the clauses that need to be adapted for each commercial offer.
Olivier Giannoni
Olivier Giannoni
Legal Director, UGAP
With Gino, I found a powerful dematerialized contract management solution that meets all my company's expectations. The use of the tool is intuitive, easy to access and has been adopted by all contract producers.
Nadège Imbert
Nadège Imbert
Legal Manager, IPC
As a lawyer, our main mission is to support the company's strategy. By freeing up valuable time, Gino allowed us to capitalize on our contractual expertise and truly focus on missions with higher added value.
Samuel Ivanier
Samuel Ivanier
Legal Director, Talentia
Gino quickly allowed lawyers to gain in productivity by drafting contracts or delegating their drafting to internal clients and contributed to the harmonization of practices.
Frédérique Berthier
Frédérique Berthier
Group Legal Director, Imerys
The Gino tool is so convenient and intuitive that we use it every day.

We can't do without it anymore!
Maître Laurence Denot
Master Laurence Denot
Founding lawyer of Denot Avocats