la Transformation numerique des juristes ne tombera pas du ciel

Guiding users through the dense legaltech market

Legal practitioners looking for digital tools do not always find what they are looking for among the ever-increasing and diversified range of products offered by the French legaltech industry.

Some of them are not satisfied with the standard solutions offered to the general public, others are looking for a simple and customizable tool adapted to their organization, while some are ready to collaborate with legaltechers in order to tailor software to their specific needs. Between BtoB and BtoC, the market is in full construction.

In France, the legaltech market is doing well, very well even. According to France Digitale, we could simply talk about hypergrowth. In a study conducted in March and April 2021, the start-up association states that France is the most dynamic European country in this sector, with more than 200 start-ups on its counter…

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