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3 questions for… Philippe Ginestié, Founder and President of Gino LegalTech

Legaltechs have a new ally: artificial intelligence!

Generative artificial intelligence is set to profoundly transform the lives of legal professionals.

Below is the interview with Philippe Ginestié, founder of Gino LegalTech, featured in the dossier “Legaltechs, the Future of Law in Business” published by Le Nouvel Economiste.

What is the mission of Gino LegalTech?
The world of Gino LegalTech is crucial: with contracts replacing verbal agreements, the contractual heritage of companies has become strategic and involves all departments. In this context, Gino LegalTech has a dual mission. Firstly, it aims to automate the processes of production, negotiation, and execution of contracts for all stakeholders, be they legal professionals or operational staff, providing intelligent assistance. Secondly, it seeks to leverage the valuable database created by the data contained in contracts.
Generative artificial intelligence (GAI) transforms the product, enhancing automation significantly, turning assistance into genuine counsel, and achieving considerable time savings.

In a highly competitive legaltech market, what sets you apart?
Gino is undoubtedly the most sophisticated solution for automating contract processes, especially within the Word environment, which is crucial given its richness and its prevalence among legal and operational professionals. Moreover, Gino is a highly user-friendly solution, a determining factor for widespread adoption. Change should be easy.
Gino’s software architecture and the exceptional quality of its team allow it to offer great adaptability to clients’ diverse needs. Additionally, Gino provides high-quality support for adopting its solution, recognized for both its human and technical aspects.

What are your challenges and ambitions for 2024?
2024 will see an even deeper integration of generative artificial intelligence across all functions, particularly through the creation of intelligent assistants for legal professionals and operational staff.
GAI will significantly enhance our quality of work life, offering time savings for reflection and decision-making and access to an increasing wealth of knowledge from various languages and cultures. Legal professionals are overwhelmed by the profusion of new laws. GAI will enable them to tackle the challenge comfortably.
2024 will also mark a year of marketing and commercial investments for Gino LegalTech, as its investment strategy has thus far focused primarily on the product.

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