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5 tips for successfully implementing a CLM

Charline Mainguet, Project Director at Gino LegalTech spoke Thursday October 5 at the 7th edition of Rendez-vous des Transformations du Droit. Invited by the legaltech group of France Digitale, she participated, alongside other CLM players in France, in the master class “Successfully implementing a CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) solution” led by Marc Marchand, founder of the firm Un Ami Amoa.

Implementing a CLM solution brings its share of challenges: resistance to change, lack of resources, etc. Drawing on her experiences, Charline Mainguet gives us her advice for successfully implementing a CLM in business.

Tip 1 : Fit into the business strategy
Implementing a contract lifecycle management or CLM solution should be considered a business project. Remember to “on board” from the start all the parties involved in the contract, lawyers and operational staff (sales department, purchasing, human resources, etc.).

Tip 2 : Customize the solution to your needs
Implementing a CLM solution is different depending on customer needs. In practice, it is broken down into 2 positions: – Initial services (Build): configuration, recovery of the existing (optional), possible integrations with other software (optional), training – Subscription (Run) The clearer and more prioritized your needs are, the more likely the “personalized” solution is to obtain rapid buy-in from the teams.Tip 3 : Take user feedback into account
Find out from your peers and/or customer references about the potential publisher’s ability to be agile, that is to say, to develop its solution based on user feedback.

Tip 4 : Choose a partner
When you choose software, you first choose a partner. Check with the prospective publisher how and by whom you will be supported during all stages of the project. At Gino LegalTech, you will never alone!

Tip 5 : Think big, start small
Start on a small scale, quickly measure your first results (KPI before/after), make them known before generalizing the use of the solution in a progressive and coordinated manner.

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