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contract automation

In Word, build your contract-writing robot by adding automated instructions; it’s as easy as creating a Word document.

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contract production

As you answer questions, the contract appears on the screen this module is simplicity itself, as much a tool for lawyers as it is for operational staff

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Intelligent clausiers

Word+ innovation provides lawyers a great tool: it is Word enriched with direct access to Gino’s Intelligent Multi-Clausiers

When the lawyer drafts a document in Word, he can insert intelligent clauses imported from Gino’s Intelligent Clausiers

The chosen clause is then presented to him so that he can view it and, by answering an automatic question, adapt it to his needs

Choice of clause

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Questionnaire and clause overview

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Clause insertion

The addition of Intelligent Multi-Clausiers and Word allows drafters to adopt the powerful new way of working that technology allows: they enrich Intelligent Clausiers with their contractual expertise and use them to draft ‘by hand’, to create automated documents or to correct contracts during negotiation

This method avoids any repetition and permanently capitalizes on the writing work.

In reality, we go from word processing to concept processing. A clause represents a concept with all its possible configurations. By answering questions, the concept is managed to fit the context. Gino then automatically performs the necessary copy/paste and data insertions, with no possibility of error.

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Bundled contracts
domains with shared
robotization tools

The need for bundled contracts

It is often necessary to produce groups of contracts, either because of the nature of the transaction (e.g., transfer of shares with guarantees and a notification to be made to the issuing company), or because of the need to involve different persons in drafting documents that grouped together form a contractual whole (e.g., lease with its appendices drafted by an architect and technicians)

Grouped automated acts
to produce bundled contracts

To automate groups of contracts, groups of automated acts must be created. These grouped automated acts must mutualize the representation of their common data. 

For example, the duration included in several documents must be represented by the same variable in each of these documents. Thus, when producing grouped contracts, these common data are entered only once and their consistency in the different acts is ensured

icone contrats

Optimization by creating domains to share with automation tools (DPO)

For this purpose, domains1 will have an optional mode of operation organizing the sharing of automation tools between the different automated acts of the domain. In this way, the representation of common data will be identical in all the automated acts of the domain, which will allow safe production of groups of contracts and facilitate the exchange of information with other systems through APIs2 

As today, the acts produced with grouped automated acts share the same fact base, which allows them to share identical values for the data they have in common

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Intelligent Multi-clausiers

Intelligent clause libraries

Gino provides an Intelligent Clausier

Intelligent, because each clause is automated:

it contains the texts of its variants necessary for the company’s activity

and during the production of each contract, the desired version of the clause is obtained automatically by answering a questionnaire

The need for specialized clause libraries

Gino had only one Intelligent Clausier

Its success in use leads to the creation of several Clausiers, so that they can be specialized by subject (corporate, leases, labor, sales, etc.), by department (legal department, sales department, HR department, etc.), or by user

Each Clausier thus gathers a reasonable number of clauses belonging to the same field of law. This “lightness” and specialization optimize the task of the lawyers

Intelligent Clausiers can be classified in files

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