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Post Visu Interview CADIF Uk

Bank: How to Speed Up the Contracting Process?

On Tuesday, January 30, Mathieu Meffre, General Manager of Leaders League, hosted the Legal Department of CADIF on the set of 4Change live from the Summit of Law.

In this 6 min 13 s video, Guillaume de Crémiers, Legal Director of CADIF, presents the role of his Department in the organization and shares his experience with the integration of Gino – a contract lifecycle management solution – within the Information System.

Jean-Michel Chavet, Legal Manager for Professionals and Businesses at CADIF, emphasizes the importance of being well-supported by their partner from the beginning and throughout the project. He also outlines the main expectations of the mutual bank in the contractual domain for the next two years.

👉 Watch the video here

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