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of your organization

Technology quickly impacts how contracting is done
Gino is the best tool for the legal professional of tomorrow

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Automate the generation of your simple or complex contracts directly in Word, in any language, and delegate their drafting to business professionals with a secure process

Thanks to our collaborative negotiation, validation, electronic signature, versioning and comparison modules, the pre-signing process is streamlined and more efficient

By optimizing all the steps leading to the signing of your contracts, your organization can reduce the time to close a deal, the associated costs, and accelerate revenue recognition

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of daily tasks

Once your library of templates and clauses have been created on the platform, you can access it at any time to draft or enrich your content. You will never have to write the same clause twice, nor will you have to manually reflect changes in a clause in several templates

Whatever your role is within the organization (legal, sales, HR, etc.), Gino enables you to optimize your contractual process so that you can focus on the strategic tasks in line with your function

With Gino, you will centralize all your organization’s multi-year contractual expertise on one single and shared platform. You can then enrich your contractual database as it evolves and control the version of the template available to non-legal professionals at any time

legal security

By centralizing and standardizing your templates on Gino, you make sure that your entire organization have up-to-date contract templates and clauses and therefore avoid any damaging errors

With Gino’s various modules you can define standardized internal processes for contract approval and signature, depending for example on the type of contract or its amount

All your contractual exchanges during negotiation, validation or signature are recorded in Gino, so you can access them anytime in one click and even several years after the departure of the team member in charge

Centralize and leverage
contractual data

Thanks to the search functions by full text with OCR, by name or by contract data, you can immediately find all the contracts meeting certain criteria (e.g., amount, presence of a clause, duration, etc.)

The dashboard and notification features provide a global view of all your current contractual commitments and allow you to get notified of upcoming key dates or events for an optimal contractual execution follow-up

Gino can be interfaced both as an input or as an output with any other software of you information system. For example, you can incorporate within Gino all your customer or supplier databases to accelerate contract drafting, and automatically transfer final contractual data to an accounting or repository software

They talk about us

Gino quickly enabled legal practitioners to enhance productivity when drafting contracts themselves or when delegating this task to internal clients, and contributed overall to the harmonization of contracting practices
Frédérique Berthier, Group General Counsel and Board Secretary of Imerys
Olivier Gianonni 1
Gino standardizes and streamlines the drafting of contractual documents, allowing legal teams to only focus on the clauses that need to be adapted for each commercial offer
Olivier Giannoni, General Counsel, UGAP
Laurence DENOT
The tool is so practical and intuitive that we use it every day.
We can't work without it anymore!
Laurence Denot, Lawyer and founder of Denot Avocats
Christophe S
Gino LegalTech and its team of experts have work alongside Imerys at every step of the way during our contractual digitalization project. Gino LegalTech has been instrumental in the success of this project, and the adoption of the solution by our legal teams convinced us to deploy it widely to our sales and operations teams
Christophe Sassus-Lacaze, Legal Manager
Anne Laure
Gino LegalTech regularly develops new features to improve its automation capacities. Thus, thanks to the new clause library feature, I can in a few clicks automatically propagate the legal changes in all of my templates
Anne-Laure Joalland, Social protection lawyer
With GINOLEGALTECH I have found a powerful solution for dematerialized contract management that meets all the expectations of my company.
The use of the tool is intuitive, easy to access and has been adopted by all contract producers
Nadège Imbert, IPC Legal Manager
As lawyers, our main mission is to support the company's strategy and think about the law of tomorrow. This is where the lawyer's real added value lies. By freeing up precious time, Gino has enabled us to capitalize on our contractual know-how and to re-internalize the areas we used to outsource: corporate, DPO, intellectual property. Gino allows us to really focus on higher value-added assignments.
Samuel Ivanier, General Counsel, Talentia