The Gino team is participating in the 5th edition of AI for Finance!

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Let’s meet at the 1st European exhibition dedicated to artificial intelligence-based solutions in the financial sector This 5th edition will focus on generative AI, with a reserved space “Generative AI Corner” welcoming around ten start-ups including Gino LegalTech Jean-Noël Barrot, Deputy Minister responsible for digital transition and communications, will inaugurate the opening keynote Organized by Artefact and La Place […]

Gino LegalTech receives the Trophy for the best legaltech 2023

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Philippe Ginestié and his entire team warmly thank the members of the jury of the Sommet du Droit en Entreprise who selected our company for: ✔️ its user-centric approach✔️ its innovation at the forefront at all times✔️ his foresight of the legal departments as well as for the quality of his client relationship The Gino […]

How to deploy a contract management solution?

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Cécile Annaix, Legal and Insurance Director at Métro France, shares her vision with us here, specifies her needs in terms of contract management before telling us about the software solution chosen and its first results. Thanks to Cécile Annaix to all her team for their trust as well as for this inspiring testimony. Gino LegalTech […]

Gino LegalTech participates in the Business Law Summit

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Find the Gino team on the LegalTech Show space from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – exchange around the major current and future challenges of digital transformation within the legal departments – benefit from customer feedback – ..or attend a personalized demonstration of the Gino contract management solution Gino gives lawyers advanced tools to manage […]

Gino LegalTech returns to VivaTech with a start-up collective

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Gino LegalTech was again present from June 14 to 16 at VivaTech, the annual meeting dedicated to technological innovation and start-ups. Gathered under the banner of France Digitale, a collective of promising start-ups in the legal sector Juri’ Predis‘  | Pluralisme  | Gino LegalTech  | WeChooz | Registre Général  | SeedLegals France mobilized for 3 days to promote innovative solutions for C Levels, business […]

ChatGPT at the service of contract management

12e journee du Management Juridique Anim EN

The arrival of ChatGPT – a real-time conversation tool based on artificial intelligence – will radically change the way we work Generative Artificial Intelligences (AGI) have the ability to perform a number of ‘intellectual’ operations that are very useful for contract management. The power of the IAGs is astonishing, but they remain assistants, whose production […]

Gino, “the flagship of the CLM solution” on the Podium

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On the occasion of the 11th edition of the Débats du Cercle organized by the World of Law and the Circle Montesquieu, Gino LegalTech was honored on April 13, 2023 by a jury of experts composed of 5 Legal Directors, members of the Factory du Cercle Montesquieu. Gino LegalTech is on the podium of the […]

Gino LegalTech is a finalist in the Podium de la Factory competition

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On the occasion of the 11th edition of the Débats du Cercle organized by the Cercle Montesquieu and Le Monde du Droit on Thursday, April 13, 2023, a jury of experts composed of 5 members of the Factory of the Cercle Montesquieu – whose mission is to promote the construction of an ecosystem around the […]

Contract Management: how to deploy the function in company ?

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Philippe Ginestié, founding president of Gino Legaltech, publisher of the CLM and contract automation solution Gino participated last January in an exciting round table devoted to contract managers, on the occasion of the unmissable Sommet du Droit. David Alexandre Krief and Florence Peysson and himself thus drew up for more than 50 minutes the portrait […]

Gino LegalTech for Legal Ops (2)

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The special issue of Juriste d’Entreprise Magazine (JEM), which we have already mentioned, devoted a long article to the feedback of Emmanuel Bret, Senior Digital Data Lawyer at Adeo Services, the BU in charge of the transformation of the Adeo group (Leroy Merlin, Weldom, Bricoman, Zodio…), about the implementation of the Gino contract management solution. […]