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Blog 2 03
12e journee du Management Juridique Anim EN
Blog 2 Évènement
ChatGPT at the service of contract management
The arrival of ChatGPT – a real-time conversation tool based on artificial intelligence – will radically change the way...
Blog cercle montesquieu EN
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech is a finalist in the Podium de la Factory competition
On the occasion of the 11th edition of the Débats du Cercle organized by the Cercle Montesquieu and Le...
Contract Management EN 1
Blog 2 Évènement
Contract Management: how to deploy the function in company ?
Philippe Ginestié, founding president of Gino Legaltech, publisher of the CLM and contract automation solution Gino participated last January...
visu Gino Legaltech pour les legal Ops EN 04
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech for Legal Ops (2)
The special issue of Juriste d’Entreprise Magazine (JEM), which we have already mentioned, devoted a long article to the...
visu Gino Legaltech pour les legal Ops
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech for Legal Ops
Last November, Juriste d’Entreprise Magazine (JEM), the reference publication of the French Association of Corporate Lawyers, published an exceptional...
Post Blog Sommet du droit
Blog 2 Évènement
Sommet du Droit, the must-attend event at the beginning of the year
The Law Summit will celebrate its 23rd edition at the Pavillon d’Armenonville, in Paris, on Wednesday, January 25. Are...
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech opens up to the lawyers and legal ops of tomorrow
The students of the M2/MBA Business Law & Management (Paris II Assas), participated for the 4th consecutive year to...
Post RETOUR RDV des transfo du droit 22
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino Legaltech animated the last Rendez-Vous des Transformations du Droit
On November 17th and 18th, the Gino team was present at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for the...
Blog Vignette Insurday 2022 1 1
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech at Station F and InsurDay!
No Gino LegalTech is not moving to Station F but will be there on November 9th to take part...
Blog Vignette RDV transfo du droit
Blog 2 Évènement
Gino LegalTech at the Legal Transformations Meeting
On 17 and 18 November, meet Gino LegalTech at the 6th Rendez-Vous des Transformations du Droit. On the Gino...