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12e journee du Management Juridique Anim EN

ChatGPT at the service of contract management

The arrival of ChatGPT – a real-time conversation tool based on artificial intelligence – will radically change the way we work

Generative Artificial Intelligences (AGI) have the ability to perform a number of ‘intellectual’ operations that are very useful for contract management.

The power of the IAGs is astonishing, but they remain assistants, whose production must be reviewed. They are assistants of such capacity that the art of using them will be a strong differentiating factor in the near future.

On the occasion of the 12th Legal Management Day organized by the Village de la Justice on June 22, come listen and discuss with Philippe Ginestié, Lawyer and founder of Gino LegalTech accompanied by Youssef BENNANI, Head of AI at Gino LegalTech

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