An innovative vision of the digital transformation
of legal departments

Gino LegalTech’s mission is to ensure optimal access to the benefits of technology for legal
and business professionals involved in the contracting process

Change management

By deploying a proven project methodology, including personalized on-boarding and follow up, over the long term, of the transitioning to new ways of working and clients’ ROI

Agility & Scalability

The SaaS mode allows our customers to benefit from all the functional evolutions of the solution over the duration of the partnership at no additional cost. Progress is limitless!

Long-term partnership

Gino LegalTech is a true partner of its clients’ digital transformation related to contracts, and support them over the long run in the change of their business needs

Intuitivity & Depth

By providing our clients with intuitive and code-free powerful technological tools, allowing them to maximize their added value on contractual matters


Heir to Ginerativ, Gino LegalTech has 15 years of experience
in contract automation and management

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Philippe Ginestié


avocat à la Cour de Paris
HEC, Harvard MBA

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Charline Mainguet Photo Site

Charline Mainguet

Legal Ops Manager

Universities of Tours &
Paris Panthéon-Assas

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Cyril De Villeneuve Photo Site

Cyril de Villeneuve

Senior Advisor

Skema Business School

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Yves Bénigot



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Hao Photo site

Hao Xu​



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