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Gino Legaltech animated the last Rendez-Vous des Transformations du Droit

On November 17th and 18th, the Gino team was present at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for the 6th edition of the Rendez-vous des Transformations du Droit, with a set-up worthy of the event.

The Gino LegalTech stand, located in the Top Sponsor area, was the focal point of the event and welcomed many visitors for individual demonstrations. This was an opportunity for Gino LegalTech’s legal experts to illustrate how Gino’s solution is helping legal departments transform into contractual agility.

Philippe Ginestié, founder of Gino LegalTech, reminded the audience of the concepts and principles of contract automation during a plenary conference. The demonstration underlined how much this reflection is the fruit of the lawyer’s work to capitalize on his contractual expertise. This was illustrated in the second part by Samuel Ivanier, General Counsel of the French software publisher Talentia Software. By detailing the use of the Gino solution and the benefits obtained, this great witness underlined how these digitalized contractual processes allow the company’s legal department to create more value.

The CLM Gino solution demonstration workshop, led by Charline Mainguet and Delphine Brothelande, then focused on Word+, a major new feature, the library of intelligent clauses directly integrated into Word for lawyers and their internal clients: Sales, Finance, Human Resources, etc.

Finally, Laura Simon, project manager and legal expert at Gino LT, speaking to journalist Audrey Maubert, gave a final touch to the presence of the contract lifecycle management solution provider at this key event.

This 2022 edition will have indeed allowed us to measure how much lawyers from large and not so large companies in France are now concerned by the digital transformation of their organization. There is no doubt that innovation is now part of a deep and structural movement specific to legal departments.

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