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Gino LegalTech at the Legal Transformations Meeting

On 17 and 18 November, meet Gino LegalTech at the 6th Rendez-Vous des Transformations du Droit.

On the Gino LegalTech stand, its expert lawyers will welcome you to share with you their experience of implementing the Gino contract automation and management solution for clients.

They will explain the Gino Method of creating clausiers, whose intelligent clauses can be used both for drafting documents directly in Word and for automating documents.

They will discuss with you the benefits of using Gino: capitalising on your contractual expertise, saving considerable time, enriching your assignments by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Of course, they will give you all the demonstrations of Gino that you want and, above all, they will listen to your specific needs and tell you how Gino can meet them, if necessary with developments.

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On 17 and 18 November at 12 noon, Philippe Ginestié, the founder of Gino LegalTech, will give a conference on the principles and practice of contract automation. He will explain what is becoming the grammar of the contemporary lawyer.

Samuel Ivanier, Directeur Juridique de Talentia Software vous livrera son expérience de l’utilisation de Gino à l’international.

On 18 November at 12 noon, Delphine Brotherande and Charline Mainguet, project managers at Gino LegalTech, will present Gino four-handed to show the use of Gino in negotiations, in the validation and signing of contracts and in monitoring their execution.

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