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Gino LegalTech opens up to the lawyers and legal ops of tomorrow

The students of the M2/MBA Business Law & Management (Paris II Assas), participated for the 4th consecutive year to a discovery session of the CLM solution (Contract Life cycle Management) Gino.

First of all, they watched the partial automation of a service contract, with the illustration of the main concepts (variables, conditional texts, rules) by Anaïs Saavedra, a Gino legal expert in digitalization. They were also given a demonstration of the Word + innovation, Word enriched with direct access to Gino’s intelligent multi-clausiers.

They were then able to take control of the solution, first in assisted mode and then in full autonomy, to continue automating the contract themselves and produce their first deed by answering a series of questions.

At the end of an evaluation MCQ, all the students present received their Gino diploma. The Gino team would like to congratulate them on the creation of their first automated contract model.

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