technology is having a rapid impact on the practice of law

3 main areas

automation / contract lifecycle and data management

analysis of large volumes of documents:

jurisprudence search, predictive justice, contract audits, managing risks and duties associated with a portfolio of contracts

platforms connecting individuals :

collaborative platforms and, for consumers, online advice and contracts or direct connection with solicitors

automation and contract
lifecycle management
utilization of contract data

‘contract lifecycle management’ (CLM) requires a number of different services

which must be seamlessly integrated with the client’s IT platform

as well as with any useful external application

The future = man + machine

Human intelligence


computing processing power and memory


Gino’s mission is to ensure optimal access to the benefits of technology for lawyers and operational staff involved in contractual law

Optimisation :

the 6 pillars of GINO’s development


the benchmark: as easy to use as Microsoft Word
it is an essential component of fast and enthusiastic adoption

AI optimisation

AI is the best of assistants
GINO strives to optimise its growing uses: data extraction, clause analysis, risk management


from the automation of contracts by lawyers themselves through to the utilisation of contract data
GINO offers a complete CLM system


there is wide variability in client needs
depending on their activities, their organisations
Gino is built to adapt to this diversity of requirements


GINO can interface with every corporate IT system
and every external application


support is required for the fast and seamless adoption of a new system
Gino has developed effective support techniques,
implemented by its dedicated team of expert lawyers