Date: September 2020 Review: Decisionmakers Magazine Author: Pascale d’Amore Seller: Leaders League

The time for legaltech has come

Gino LegalTech is one of the oldest nuggets on the French market. Its founder, the lawyer Philippe Ginestié, offers his analysis of the past months and his vision of the future. Between ambition and tenacity. Will legaltech emerge stronger from this health crisis? Containment has widespread the use of technology in the professional and private sectors. Many have discovered the liberating nature of technology, but also their limitations. Video conferned can be extremely effective and exciting, but they promote less collective intelligence than physical meetings, meetings in office corridors, coffee discussions. They are major facilities, but we will have to learn not to abuse them. A smell-free world would be exposed to being in breath. Technology emerges strengthened from this strange period. Legaltechs will benefit from this general evolution. … Read more
Date: July 26, 2020 Review: Decisionmakers Magazine Author: Marine Calvo Seller: Leaders League

French LegalTech celebrates its first anniversary

The French LegalTech, created within France Digitale, is celebrating its first year of existence today. More than ever, digital companies are supporting the digital transformation of the law and justice professions. The opportunity to draw up a first overview of their actions over the past twelve months. Created within France Digitale just over a year ago, in July 2019, the LegalTech Group brings together companies that use new technologies to offer innovative, intuitive and interoperable solutions to legal professionals and litigants. Since its inception, the group has welcomed ten new startups and now has 33 legaltechs, including Call A Lawyer, DataLegalDrive, Doctrine, Gino LegalTech, Hyperlex, Jarvis, JuriPredis and Lexbase to name a few. This first anniversary is also an opportunity for these market players to take stock of the actions commonly undertaken, the first being to strengthen trade with the public authorities. … Read more
Date: May 15, 2020 Review: The World of Law Author: Arnaud Dumourier Seller: LegalNews

RNIB invites French lawyers to test new digital tools and solutions

The National Network of Bar Incubators, a player in digital development and transformation, invites all lawyers in France to test new tools and develop new digital solutions dedicated to the profession. In this time of crisis for the legal profession, and after a period of containment that has given an important place to digital tools, the RNIB is more than ever the support of all lawyers in the development of their digital transformation. During this period, it identified (and tested for some applications) devices to bounce back in “post-containment”: … Read more
Date: May 4, 2020 Review: Wilo Blog Author: Anne-Laure Joubaire Seller: Wilo Blog

Is Legal Tech time finally here?

Legal Tech has been trying for several years to establish itself in the way professional services firms operate. Is this crisis finally ringing their time? A crisis that will sort it out. In a recent article in The World of Law, Martin Bussy, founder of Legal Innovation, stressed that the “moment of truth for innovation in the law market” had come. According to him, this crisis will make the selection between the financially sound Legal Tech, the economic model and proven services, which will have been able to draw all the opportunities of this crisis and others that are in danger of disappearing with the scarcity of financing. Several trends are beginning to emerge. On April 14, Village de la Justice, AFJE and Day One organized a webinar entitled “Accelerate your digital transformation with Legal Tech.” Several major trends stood out. … Read more
Date: April 21, 2020 Review: Parisian posters Author: Anne Moreaux Seller: Parisian posters

French Legal Tech mobilizes

Providing legal information related to Covid-19, offer to connect with lawyers, contract management or telework solution for lawyers… The start-ups that are members of the Legal Tech group within France Digitale have come together to offer a wide range of initiatives to support companies, legal professionals and litigants during the crisis. Ensuring continuity of access to the law and its application is essential, especially in this exceptional period when the legal framework is changing very rapidly. This continuity ensures the visibility and confidence needed for a future recovery. … Read more
Date: April 16, 2020 Review: Village of Justice Author: Christophe Albert Seller: LegiTeam

2nd Stage of the Legaltech Tour in video-conference: “Accelerate your digital transformation with Legaltech”

The Legaltech BlockchainYourIP, Call A Lawyer, easyQuorum and Gino LegalTech, in partnership with AFJE, Day One and the Village of Justice, organized the second stage of the LegalTech Tour via video conference (back on the first stage in Lille, here) on the theme ” Accelerate your digital transformation with legaltech adapted to the period of COVID-19 crisis. This second stage took place on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 and was aimed specifically at Legal Ops, Digital Champion, Contract Manager and Lawyers. … Read more
Date: March 20, 2020 Review: The World of Law Author: Arnaud Dumourier Seller: LegalNews

Law Awards – Paris 2020: results

Le Monde du Droit unveils the results of the 8th edition of the Paris 2020 Law Prize. This year’s survey includes more than 300 firms cited and 4,200 voters. Organized by Le Monde du Droit in partnership with theFrench Association of Corporate Lawyers (AFJE),the Law Prize is a new and original survey based exclusively on the participation of the firm’s clients. They selected the best legal advice based on qualitative criteria and the number of citations from firms. The survey was carried out by the World of Law for almost a month among about 20,000 professionals: clients of firms (corporate lawyers, HR, DG, DAF….), AFJE members and subscribers to newsletters from the World of Law. On this occasion, the specialized teams of business law firms were awarded in 32 categories. … Read more
Date: November 20, 2019 Review: The World of Law Author: Arnaud Dumourier Seller: LegalNews

Audrey Ellis, CEO of Gino LegalTech joins Philippe Ginestié and Cyril de Villeneuve

Former Lawyer Audrey Ellis is now CEO of Gino LegalTech. Audrey Ellis was previously a Corporate Lawyer at Sullivan and Cromwell in Paris for nearly 7 years (2005-2012) and was Vice President of AR Global Investments in New York for 5 years before joining Gino LegalTech. In a video interview with Le Monde du Droit, Audrey Ellis looks back on her career, reacts to her appointment as CEO Gino LegalTech and discusses the company’s development plans. … Read more
Date: November 2019 Review: Village of Justice Author: Christophe Albert Seller: LegiTeam


Alongside LegalEDHEC, AFJE, Day One and Lexbase, the Justice Village is a partner in the 1st edition of the LegalTech Tour, the first stage of which took place in Lille in December 2019. Just after the Legaltech Village in Paris on November 26th and 27th,here is the beginning of a “Tour de France” initiated by Legaltech players. We interviewed Christophe Roquilly, Director of the LegalEDHEC Research Centre and Cyril de Villeneuve, Managing Director of Gino LegalTech, one of the legaltechs present, to learn more about the event and the issues facing the legal professions. … Read more
Date: October 22, 2019 Review: Decisionmakers Magazine Author: Pascale d’Amore Seller: Leaders League

Jurists want to be freed from repetitive tasks

Founded by lawyer Philippe Ginestié, Gino LegalTech regularly evolves its offer to adapt to the needs of its clients in terms of contract management and robotics. Alongside Audrey Ellis, CEO, the founder already has a well-established schedule for the coming months. Legal decision-makers. How have the needs of lawyers changed in recent years? Philippe Ginestié. Legal professionals have very sophisticated needs and are becoming more and more demanding. Our customers want to benefit from integrated products that allow them to be assisted throughout the contractual process: from the production of a contract to the follow-up of the negotiation, through electronic signature, archiving, analytics processing and exploitation by digital intelligence. Contract lifecycle management or CLM solutions such as Gino LegalTech can meet this need. The legal community has taken the time to think about optimizing the use of technology and today the adoption of our solutions is becoming natural in law firms and legal departments. Our tools help these professionals value their work by reducing their repetitive tasks with low added value and allowing them to focus on legal thinking. Lawyers don’t want to do the same thing twice anymore, they want to capitalize on their expertise. They want to benefit from robotics: learn how to make to a robot that does for you. … Read more
Date: July 16, 2019 Review: The Digital Factory Author: Aude Chardenon Seller: The Digital Factory

To structure LegalTech, France Digitale creates a dedicated group

The French LegalTech unites. France Digitale announced on Tuesday 16 July 2019 the creation of a dedicated group that brings together 24 digital companies specializing in the legal sector. In a context of the proliferation of start-ups, in addition to a number of companies already well established such as Lexbase or Demander Justice, the aim is “to bring out French champions in this sector with very high potential”, recalls France Digitale. In a law market estimated in France at 32 billion euros by the observatory of economic players in the law market, which is expected to reach 1000 billion dollars worldwide by 2021, “the emergence of French champions of LegalTech capable of developing and exporting quickly represents a very important pool in terms of growth and job creation” continues the organization. … Read more
Date: June 3, 2019 Review: Parisian posters Author: Anne Moreaux Seller: Parisian posters

FrenchLegalTech’s flight to Vivatech

Six legal start-ups have joined forces to get their business off the ground at Vivatech. The FrenchLegaltech has worn its tricolour colours high at the already mythical event of international innovation, held recently in Paris. The opportunity to “unite,” “start a movement,” “defend legal innovation,” “meet the market together” or “live a historic moment to our small extent.” Softlaw, Hyperlex, Gino LegalTech, Call a Lawyer, BlockchainyourIP and EasyQuorum were present at Porte de Versailles to meet new technology enthusiasts, but especially legal professionals and investors. “Here, we want to offer our solutions but also defend this new market that is legaltech,” says Sandrine Morard, founder of Softlaw. These six legaltechs, which rely on the latest technologies incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, robotics or mobile services, offer innovative services to legal professionals. … Read more
Date: May 21, 2019 Review: The Digital Factory Author: Laurène Armandon Seller: The Digital Factory

[Viva Tech] 5 LegalTech start-ups to watch

Beyond FinTech, DeepTech, AgriTech… VivaTechnology, held in Paris from May 16 to 18, 2019, was also an opportunity to discover LegalTech. While the digital transformation of the legal field seems less dramatic than others, it is crucial for professions with a large administrative share. How to cope with the explosion of contracts? How can you facilitate repetitive tasks or simply find information in a mountain of documents? Here are five promising start-ups involved in modernizing a sector that is considered “traditional” to operate. GINO LEGALTECH Gino LegalTech proposes a robot deed writer. … Read more
Date: May 20, 2019 Review: Widoobiz Author: Hélène Faucher

Viva Technology 2019: relive live broadcasts

MedTech, FoodTech, GreenTech… Find here all the shows recorded live on the widoobiz set during Viva Technology 2019! … Read more
Date: May 2019 Review: The World of Law Author: Arnaud Dumourier Seller: LegalNews

A flagship event for Tech in Europe, VivaTech will host this year’s #FrenchLegalTech.

For its 4th edition, Viva Technology offers 3 intense days of debates and exchanges with the biggest players in Tech. A rich and inspiring program that will bring together more than 450 Top Speakers from around the world (Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO IBM; Jimmy Wales,Founder Wikipedia; Ken Hu, Deputy Chairman, Rotating Chairman Huawei; Mickey Mikitani,Chairman and CEO Rakuten, Inc; President and CEO Ericsson; Marie Kyle, Head of Product Development and Innovation Bima…) which will be expressed on 9 major themes in 5 scenes. Several start-ups will represent the #FrenchLegalTech at VivaTech 2019. BlockchainyourIP, Call A Lawyer, easyQuorum, Gino LegalTech, Hyperlex, SoftLaw and Your Robin will be on show from May 16 to 18 to meet new technology enthusiasts, investors and innovation professionals. … Read more
Date: April 2019 Review: The World of Law Author: Louise Jammet Seller: LegalNews

Legal directorates: how can digital transformation be better managed?

When employees are asked to rate the degree of digitization of their legal directorates, according to a 2018 Montesquieu Circle study, the score is not averaged at only 4.5/10. On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, in Paris, the Business Meetings tried to understand the problems of this digitization with the intervention of Legaltech, which play a role in this evolution of the way of work. What is missing for a perfect digital transformation? This is the question that Warren Azoulay, artificial intelligence researcher for Juri’Predis, Cyril de Villeneuve, CEO of Gino LegalTech and Antoine Micaud, founder of easyQuorum, have ventured to answer… … Read more
Date: March 2019 Review: Legal Decision Makers Author: Pascal d’Amore Seller: Leader’s League

It is thanks to the robot that the creativity of the lawyer can be expressed

Grégoire Loustalet, founder of the law firm Loustalet ( specializing in tax and business law in Paris, puts innovation at the heart of his business. The lawyer works on innovative projects with the aim of automating tax law. User of the Gino platform since April 2018, he draws a first assessment. Decision makers. What needs does your Gino firm need? GRÉGOIRE LOUSTALET. Gino allows us to produce legal acts – simple or complex – quickly and safely for our clients. Through the robotization process, we can focus on customer need and refocus on its support. Gino’s great strength over other tools lies in the fact that we create actwriters ourselves without programming knowledge. In practice, we can adapt, enrich and update them as we see fit. We keep our hands on the content and structured representation of robots. … Read more
Date: February 2019
Review: ActuEL Legal Directions
Author: Olga Stancevic
Seller: Legislative Editions

Legal tech lawyers: pioneers’ words

Rather than the legal department of a CAC 40 company or a prestigious law firm, some legal professionals are turning to the digital world. Words of enthusiasts. Is it necessary to be reckless to join a law start-up? Audacious yes, in any case … While their classmates are moving towards traditional companies, some young graduates opt for legal tech: “I was attracted by the “tech” side, the innovative dimension of the company, and then I had completed a 6-month break internship at Captain Contrat, before returning a year later in CDI. In the meantime, the company had grown from 20 to 50 employees, says Charles Merlet, a double graduate in law and business (HEC Paris), now a lawyer experience manager. Captain Contract since 2018. Léo Régoli graduated with a Master’s degree in Assas, and joined Gino LegalTech first as an apprentice, before being hired as a lawyer. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, try something new and develop new skills like sales, marketing, etc.” … Read more
Date: September 2018
Review: Compliances
Author: Philippe Ginestié
Seller: Compliances

Robots, humans and compliance

Tribune of Philippe Ginestié, Lawyer at the Court, Founder and CEO of Gino LegalTech The spaces of legal freedom – i.e. places and situations that are, in fact or legally, free from regulation – have multiplied in recent decades mainly as a result of globalization and the advent of the digital world. These two upheavals have allowed all kinds of relocations, or even relocations, which, by playing with the territoriality of the laws, have made them partly ineffective. More profoundly, the current changes render obsolete a large part of our law, whose very concepts are less and less in line with the human and economic realities of our societies and with the values that guide the behaviors of men. But all freedom creates a framework to limit the abuses it allows. … Read more
Date: June 2018
Review: Parisian posters
Authors: Quentin Clauzon and Boris Stoykov
Seller: Parisian posters

Gino LegalTech, technology for lawyers

This legaltech, founded by lawyer Philippe Ginestié, allows lawyers to robotize their own contracts. His product, Gino, creates a real break. Lawyers and legaltechs, eternal enemies? This is not the case for Philippe Ginestié, a lawyer who has long been passionate about new technologies, who has decided to reconcile them. Indeed, this pioneer, also founder of the firm Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent, recently developed Gino, a solution allowing the lawyer to robotize his own contracts. Robotization generates a considerable saving of time, the lawyer thus capitalizes his contractual expertise over time. … Read more
Date: May 2018
Review: Legal Decision Makers
Author: German Stone
Seller: Leaders League

The man-technology couple is only at the beginning of their adventure

In the world of French legaltech, a handful of start-ups are starting to stand out. In the sector of contract automation, Gino Legal Tech, the interface that allows lawyers to robotize the generation of contracts autonomously, has been able to impose itself. When Philippe Ginestié, a lawyer at the Paris bar, launched Gino Legal Tech (GLT), he started with a simple observation. In the legal community, time is precious and must be spent on high value-added tasks. It was therefore necessary to limit non-creative tasks by automating the generation of contracts of all kinds (lease agreement, employment contract, share sale, shareholders’ pact, licenses, etc.). This is possible with the contract robotics platform launched by Gino Legal Tech, which operates in SaaS mode and offers two interfaces, one in French, the other in English, for the enterprise and law firms market in Europe. The platform does not provide any legal content and can therefore be used in all countries, regardless of the legal system. … Read more
Date: May 2018
Review: ActuEL Legal Directorate
Author: Véronique Méot
Seller: Legislative Editions

When legaltech looks at contracts

The contract digitalization market covers several features: creation and writing, monitoring, auditing, analysis, execution. With the benefits, time savings, reduced risk of error and greater vigilance in management. Here’s the first part of our survey: automation tools are coming to market. The market for contract management tools is full of innovations. Startups appear that use machine learning to feed their application and enrich them with the experience. Writing, automating contract creation, tracking, analyzing, features are more or less advanced. After the emergence of legal tools dedicated to TPEs, the novelty, in 2018, is the arrival of solutions managing complex documents. … Read more
Date: April 2018
Review: The World of Law
Author: Hugues Robert
Seller: LegalNews

Writing acts, the Legaltech revolution

During the Business Meetings of the World of Law, a workshop focused on the development of Legaltech, inducing new perspectives and practices in the drafting of legal acts. […] Also in the game was Philippe Ginestié, a lawyer at the Paris court and founder of Gino LegalTech, a start-up specializing in contract robotics. A particularly suggestive testimony. He began his speech by deploring the often repetitive nature of the work of drafting deeds: “I am a lawyer and have spent a good part of my life writing contracts by practicing this exercise called “copy and paste”, a long, painful, boring exercise… This enthusiast of new technologies decided to design systems to robotize the writing of acts. … Read more
Date: February 2018
Author: Emile Coste
Seller: Leaders League

Lawyers, how do you integrate new technologies into the practice of your profession?

Predictive justice, contract robotics, chatbots. Artificial intelligence has taken over the field of law. And lawyers have to get used to it. At the Legal Tech Show on January 24, 2018, the question was how to change its organization and practices to adapt to these new tools. Automatically generate contracts, predict litigation risks, advise through the use of chatbots. Is it still possible for a lawyer to watch the latest technological innovations pass without taking the plunge? It is no longer a question of writing a contract by hand, practice of another time … … Read more
Date: February 2018
Review: The World of Law
Author: Arnaud Dumourier
Seller: LegalNews

Gino LegalTech allows lawyers to robotize their own contracts

Gino LegalTech, a company that participates in the digital transformation in the field of contracts, proposes to lawyers to robotize their actions to save time, secure their writing and capitalize their contractual experience. Lawyers face three fundamental trends: The explosion in the number, size and complexity of contracts; The increasing demand for performance The need to record the data contained in the contracts in the information systems… … Read more
Date: December 2017
Review: Parisian posters
Author: Clémence Mart
Seller: Parisian posters

The robotization of contracts: the new eldorado of lawyers?

As part of the Paris Open Source Summit held on December 6th and 7th at the Docks in Paris, the association Open Law and The Village of Justice organized the second edition of the Village de la Legaltech. On this occasion, lawyer Philippe Ginestié presented at a conference the evolution of the contractual universe and the robotization of contracts. Lawyer at Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent and founder of Gino Legaltech, Philippe Ginestié distinguishes three fundamental trends from the contractual universe that necessitate the implementation of new contract production techniques:
  • The explosion in the number, size and complexity of contracts;
  • The growing demand for performance of legal services;
  • and the need to record the data contained in the signed contracts in companies’ information systems, automatically and in real time.
… Read more
Date: November 2017
Review: Journal of the Village of Justice
Author: Laurence Tavitian
Seller: Legiteam

It’s time for the robotization of contracts!

Interview with Philippe Ginestié, Lawyer at Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent and founder of Gino LegalTech At a time when contracts are robotized, what are the challenges faced by lawyers? The first challenge of the lawyer writing deeds is that of the multiplication of contracts and the explosion of their volume. This trend, constant for years, makes their work cumbersome and often tedious. Especially as this development takes place in an increasingly complex legal context, where the layers of law are multiplying: national law, European law, international law, soft law … … Read more
Date: October 2017
Review: Dalloz IP-IT, No.535
Author: Philippe Ginestié
Seller: Dalloz

The robotization of contracts-by the lawyers themselves-will be their next Eldorado

Philippe Ginestié, business lawyer, specialist in artificial intelligence applied to contracts, Founder of Gino LegalTech “The species that survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent species, but the species that adapt best to change.” C. Darwin. Three fundamental trends in the contract universe (I) necessitate the implementation of new contract production techniques: The explosion in the number, size and complexity of contracts The growing demand for performance of legal services… … Read more
Date: October 2017
Review: Legal Week – General Edition, No.42
Author: Laurence Neuer
Seller: Lexis Nexis

Avocatus Numericus: how to use it

How lawyers use digital technology to capture clients, optimize their services and improve customer relationships: new tools and feedback. Sky! The robot avocados are coming into the courtrooms! But don’t panic, the end of humanity – and the flesh-and-bone litigators – predicted by Stephen Hoppkins is not for tomorrow. It is all the less so because black dresses are involved body and soul in the fight against the “legaltech” wave. In the absence of having been able to dislodge their competitors in court, it is in their territories that many of them are now implanted, sleeves rolled up… … Read more