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The Gino team is participating in the 5th edition of AI for Finance!

Let’s meet at the 1st European exhibition dedicated to artificial intelligence-based solutions in the financial sector.

This 5th edition will focus on generative AI, with a reserved space “Generative AI Corner” welcoming around ten start-ups including Gino LegalTech.

Jean-Noël Barrot, Deputy Minister responsible for digital transition and communications, will inaugurate the opening keynote.

Organized by Artefact and La Place Fintech | DeFi, AI for Finance, is :

+ 3000 participants
+ 150 speakers
+ 80 exhibitors

The Gino Sara Da Costa Charline Mainguet Salomé Le Rouillé Youssef BENNANI team, made up of project managers and data scientists, can’t wait to see you at stand R10.

👉 To register, click here

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