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White paper. Contractual automation, the grail of lawyers

Contract Management or Contract Lifecycle Management software, i.e. contract management or contract lifecycle management solutions, are on the increase. Although this field or market has been formally identified by the major IT analysis firms such as Gartner Group or Forrester Research, it is still very young and includes a wide range of players. In France, Gino Legaltech has quickly established itself as a leading editor of contract management / CLM in Saas mode.

To help you find your way around and understand the fundamentals of a contractual process digitisation approach that holds so much promise for Legal Departments first and foremost, but also for Human Resources or Sales Departments, Gino LegalTech has designed a didactic white paper. An indispensable tool, it has been designed to shed light on good practices in Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). The paper focuses on the key topic of contract production automation, one of the key features of Gino’s contract management software.

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