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Your contractual knowledge is valuable but is not capitalised

Over time, lawyers accumulate considerable and complex contractual expertise.

It consists of legal skills, experience of various situations, drafting talent and techniques, and the command of efficient solutions.

Unfortunately, the tools currently available to lawyers do not enable capitalisation of this expertise.

To this day, in order to draft a contract, the lawyer:

  • selects, from his existing contracts, the one he is most familiar with and considers the closest to the contract he wishes to draft
  • completes and adapts it to his needs by importing clauses from other contracts via copy & paste

This method is imperfect and can be a little random. Drafting and correcting the contract as negotiations go along is long and tedious, since the wording must be adjusted to the case at hand and must be coherent within the contract as a whole. For long, complex contracts, guaranteeing consistency is even more tedious, requiring repetitive proofreading and a strong focus.


Leverage your expertise by robotising your own contracts

With Gino, you transition from word processing to concept managing

Gino enables lawyers to intuitively enrich contracts as they draft them, by including elements that turn them into robots, such as:

  • variables (data that changes with each contract: identity of the parties, price, subject matter, duration, dispute resolution method, etc.)
  • conditional elements (conditional or alternative texts, loops, etc.)
  • rules ensuring the contract’s logical and legal consistency and covering the most complex scenarios

The document produced is a robot which memorises the necessary knowledge to produce the contract just like the lawyer intended it.

By creating a robot for each type of contract (NDA, Shareholders’ agreement, Lease agreement, Service agreement …), lawyers incorporate their expertise.

Each time a lawyer needs to create a contract of a previously robotised type, he uses the relevant robot in order to produce the contract, or to have it produced by a co-worker, or even to have it produced by the person requesting the contract.

In situations which have not been learned by the robot, the lawyer enriches it accordingly. He thus capitalises his expertise by developing, over time, extremely powerful robots capable of producing contracts for very diverse situations. These robots become significantly valuable assets.

The lawyer thus avoids the repetitive aspects of the drafting process, as he never has to write the same contract twice. Time previously dedicated to repetitive tasks can be used for creative and rewarding legal thinking.


Gino automatically questions the user

The robots question their users, in the same manner as the lawyer who created them

They ask all the questions that are necessary to produce the contract intended by the user. Naturally, the questioning is interactive and the questions vary according to the answers provided.

Gino produces customised signature ready contracts

Using the answers provided, the robots automatically draft the contract the way the lawyer would have, by following her rules.

If needed, Gino enables the lawyer to delegate contract production to company employees with the assurance that the contracts produced will be entirely consistent with his vision.

By delegating contract production to third-parties (lawyers or operatives), the lawyer enhances her efficiency,  secure in the certainty of the contracts’ consistency.

This process also facilitates knowledge sharing and drafting skill improvement. Draft contracts are produced within minutes and are consistent and secure.

These contracts are stored and managed within Gino in Word or PDF format, as required.

Each contract comes with a list of the questions & answers used to produce it. This list is an accurate Term Sheet of the contract.


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Discover Gino now, your bot

Gino is your friend, you can use it without any training


Google Docs / Word

use of Google Docs as a word processor, document production in Word or PDF format

Automatic numbering

table of contents, numbering format customisation

Document management

signature state, comments, attached files, document versioning


multicriteria search

Exploiting of contractual data

list of questions/answers for each contract produced



256-bit SSL certificate, individual accounts, data protection


centralised storage and management of documents produced,  cloud hosting


definition of user privileges: creator, writer, reader



no installation required on the work station, platform accessible at any time and from any place


Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Edge


french and english interface

Responsive Web Design

1024×768, 1280×1024 (4/3), 1366×768 (WXGA), 1440×900 (WSXGA), 1920×1080 (FHD)


Ease of use

learn to use in 45 minutes

Customer Support

online support available  every day, from Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on public holidays

On demand

on-site robotisation for the client

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